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Search Engine Optimisation Services

Internet is a great source to build your business, more than 80 percent of people living in Connecticut uses internet to find what they want. Internet usage around the world is picking up day by day and the business happening via Internet is mind boggling. We Designosoft help you to take advantage of these factors and build your business to new levels by using organic search engine marketing methods to optimise your websites. We have more than eight years of experience in building brands from nowhere. We have helped more than 300 companies worldwide to build their business and achieve their goals using white hat SEO methods. We are full fledge SEO agency offering complete range of solutions from branding to market your products and services to wide range of target segments at affordable price.

Being a business friendly SEO firm we clearly understand that website has to build your business and every website we design, we keep SEO factors in mind, irrespective of dynamic or static websites we build.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Once you sign up for a SEO package, we analyse your brand, your products, your target segments, your target zones, your competitors and then devise a business strategy to rank your website. We plan for long term goals and never compromise on our work ethics, although it takes some time to optimise a website in multiple search engines using organic methods but it is worthy. Search engines are harsh these days slapping severe penalties on websites which follow black hat SEO tactics. So play safe, choose your SEO companies wisely.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media is powerful these days and everyone is using social media to spread their thoughts why not use social media to market your products and services. It is quite natural that we market or show case your products and services where people go and nowadays social media is such place where people share and spend their good time. We have wide range of Social media marketing packages to suit your requirements.

Social Media Marketing Services


We analyze your business, brand, product, services, goals, competitors, strengths and weakness.
So that we would know you better


Once we analyse your business we strategize our SEO plans like what to highlight, what to market, where to market, how to reach your target zone, how to beat your competition. Out of our experience we know what to market and what to not and what to highlight and what to not


Once we know your products and services, we will devise a long term plan to optimise your website for the choose keywords in chord with our customer.

Monitor - Tracking

We keep track of the website and take adequate action to keep the website on the first page on the Google

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